The cost for a render depends on majorly these key factors – size, location, chosen marketing channel and the quality of render. Just to give you a basic idea on the pricing the hourly rates are USD 20 per hour and it may exceed based on the quality of the render.

After completing more than 3000+ renders in past 15 years, the following image quantity and budget applies to the majority of developments:

  • Low Density – 3-5 rendered views of same house starting from USD 2000
  • Medium Density – 7 to 15 renders of same house starting from USD 4000
  • High Density – 20 to 30 renderings starting from USD 5000

We always believe that quality should always be prioritized against quantity. As it helps you to sell your project faster and help you create an upmarket feel. High quality realistic renderings can also help you in increasing the click through rates for your marketing campaigns.