Customize Your Floor Designs with Our Distinguished 2D Color Floor Plan Services.

QeCAD3D is one of the known rendering firms providing 2D Colorized Plans to let you visualize your floorings better. Our floor plans are highly scalable and available in various formats that you can customize as per your project needs. We promise to create high-resolution files to let you get more clarity on your site plans. Quality is our utmost priority while making your floor plans so that it looks beautiful and sorted at the same time. 

In the span of more than 25 years, we have delivered many color floor plans for residential, commercial, industrial, and other projects. We also provide 2D floor plans for remodeling projects with our highly-efficient Floor Plan Redraw Services. Our team is not only proficient but is passionate about creating 2D floorings with all types of color and substance options. Our colored plans are helpful for interior designers, facility planners, real estate agents, architects, and many industry-relevant professionals.

2D Color Floor Plan Services, We Offer

Communicate Key Areas with Color

We help you locate the major areas of the property using distinct colors. Colors help the different rooms, like bedrooms, bathrooms, play areas, etc., to stand out so that the overall structure is easy to understand

Floor Area Differentiations

We provide you the floor detailing so you don’t have to rely on the imagination for the flooring options. We highlight the flooring, like carpet area, tiles, fire area, etc., with various color schemes.

Basic 2D Floor Plan (Black & White)

We provide clean and simple floor plans with the classic combination of black and white to illustrate what’s more important to attract your target audience. These generally comprise room names and sizes.

Basic 2D Floor Plan with Furniture

As mentioned above, we also facilitate the classic plan by depicting furniture and other elements. You can show or hide the furniture as per your project or client’s needs.

Color 2D Floor Plan with Furniture

Our team can also convert the classic 2D plan to a color plan, depicting the necessary furniture and fixtures, built-in appliances, equipment, etc., as required in different color shades. We provide you with many customization possibilities in your floor design as per your taste.

2D Floor Plans with Informative Elements

Our team is highly talented and thinks out of the box while preparing the floor plans and gives you all the needed details with some extra inputs in plans to let your plan stand out by placing an arrow to showcase the entry, exit, TV area, etc. They also can add special comments, text, measurement lines, compass, etc., to let you dig deeper into your plan.

Colored Background for Stand-Out 2D Floor Plans

We provide you the plan with a custom color background that can help bring your 2D floor plan into the limelight. This can also be used for printing purposes.

Floor Plan with Entire Property Layout

We provide you with a much-enhanced view of your entire property through a 2D color floor plan showcasing interiors and exteriors. We also offer a glimpse of the surroundings to let you relate to the plan in real

What is a 2D Color Floor Plan?

A 2D color floor plan is an architectural drawing distinguishing the various floor area or space bifurcations with the help of using different colors. It is a custom representation of the interiors in 2D of how the floor space would be organized, illustrating the functionalities and other crucial insights. It marks up the different aspects of your property layout design with variant color shades.

Benefits of 2D Color Floor Plans

  • Deep Insights and a Better Understanding of Space
  • Gauge the Spatial Arrangements Accurately
  • Stand Out in Property Listings
  • Increase Buyer’s Interest
  • Sell Faster 
  • Reduces Complexity

Visualize Your Project’s Floor Area Better with Our 2D Color Floor Plans